The Happy Couple

It started with a kiss as the song goes and down a glorious path you have travelled to become a married couple. Remember what you wore on your first date? Where you met? Were you nervous? First weekend or holiday away together? Lots of things brought you closer and closer to the point of wanting to commit to each for life. 

What’s the expression “I wish I could bottle it up” all of our memories through life that we treasure and hold dear, we sometimes have photos, videos or mementos but they tend to be boxed away and brought out from time to time.  


So we got talking at Scented Weddings, and with our love for design, fragrance and all things unique it lead into our Scented Layering. The sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses and can transport us back in time in an instant. So with your wedding in mind, we wanted to help you create your own fragrance whether it be perfume, aftershave, room fragrance, scented bridal favours, scented wedding cakes, table centres to wedding guest entertainment on your big day.


Imagine your guest receiving a beautiful wedding invite with a gorgeous scent starting your wedding journey off. We can then match this with fragrance for you to wear on the day through to scented candles on the day at your venue, room fragrance all of which can be converted to wedding favours for your guests.


Every time you or one of your guests have a waft of your fragrance after the wedding, you or they will be transported back in an instant to a day filled with happiness, laughter and love.

This is a very bespoke service and is as unique as the 2 of you are and your love for each other and we are so excited to take you on a sentimental journey. 

Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners, we would love to work with you and your wonderful clients.

Having been in the corporate and wedding industry for a number of years, we appreciate how hard your sector works.

Delivering weddings on budget, finding the perfect venue and suppliers, working to timeframes and deadlines, searching for new trends and making sure your couple have the bespoke and unique wedding they are looking for.

We also appreciate the diverse market with cultural needs and requirements and can work with you to meet you and your couple’s needs, whether cultural, religious, civil partnerships, sustainability, themed weddings or whether in the UK or abroad.


Our flexible approach to work adapts to how you work with your happy couple too, whether you just introduce your couple and take commission, partial plan or assist your couple from day one through to being at the Wedding. We would be delighted to hear from you and to travel a scentimental journey with you.