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We are three fun filled entrepreneurs Karen, Gail & Lisa, related by a vibe of good food, wine, friendship, laughter and sisterhood (Gail and Lisa are sisters ) Karen hangs around a lot, she can stay, as she has pretty good skills and is likeable! 

We met two years ago, decided that we wanted to work together, but the question was how? Karen is a paper artist and designer (Ash&Dove.com). Gail and Lisa are skilled bespoke fragrance creators and also have a corporate events company (Magnifisense.co.uk). 


One of the many things we had in common, was our love of weddings.  The romance and the love stories behind the day, and how unique each wedding is. Was it something we could work together on with our skill sets and creativity? How could we make it work?


Many meetings, coffee well OK………a few glasses of wine later, we had hatched a plan to add fragrance to paper, marry it…..get it? Creating designs for couples who want a  luxury statement wedding with a scented twist.

We know what you’re thinking, anyone could just buy some scent and spray it all over the place and there you go, job done! Fortunately for us, it's not that simple. You see what makes us unique, is that we work with you to create your own fragrance for you both with our blends from Grasse in France (home of perfume) and create bespoke designed wedding stationery and scented layering in candles, room sprays etc

Our mission is to delight you and your guests through a scentimental journey, that will last long after the wedding is over, but can be enjoyed for years to come. Smell evokes memories and what better memory than your wedding day? Refills available!

With scented love, Karen, Gail and Lisa xxx

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